Yes, this is supra important. It affects and effects You Life, the Lives of Your Loved Ones and all other Human Peers on this Planet. It effects the Collective Human Consciousness beyond comprehension — there is nobody that can even vaguely imagine what the consequences will be.

The evolutionary consequences for a Human Life that has been reduced to




do ‘Clicks’ have a more profound effect on the (D)evolution of the Human Mind and its Collective Consciousness, than the realization, that Earth is actually not flat and there is actually no Edge to which an Abyss is affixed and will swallow You for all eternity when You lean over too much?

Please allow me to inject an important fact about me and my writing. There might be copious weak spots dwelling in my persona, but one is missing in its entirety. If anything, I suffer from an ‘Attention Surplus Disorder’. Nothing, absolutely Nothing escapes the mind writing to You. And yes, of course, it is more of a curse, than a course.

When I write, I write from this perspective, viewpoint. Glorious are those, who can deduct the written content to “Fuck. This. Shit.”, or (if I try harder,) “Unconditional Love — Unconditional Life”.

But that is beside the point. Writing is a proclamation of Love (or the other one) towards The Universe. There is a difference between the words of Rumi, or Bodhi Dharma and those, of a person that wants to sell You something. Written words are sacred and as such need to be put together wisely and neatly. Writing per se is an art form, but to actually write for another Human Being, for it to experience an additional, unique view point, requires the expression of the involved emotions for any experience that is subject to conveyance.

A large number of Beings suffer from ADD without knowing it and to spend more than a few seconds with any given subject/object, before the mind is wandering away to the next subject, object, experience, is often difficult, if not impossible.

Herein lies the challenge to make available a viewpoint in an, as concise as possible way. What I write shall serve two intentions. First, to supply peers with a new, unique viewpoint — sometimes related to a present situation. Second, to write about the ‘Bigger Picture’, employing the highest standards of conveyance.

You are always invited to respond, but should also be prepared that there are no gloves on this side of the screen. As long as there is mutual respect for each others view point — anything goes.

Here is the link for the highly recommended documentary