You’re One Of THE KIND…
Emanuel Mwangi

With all due respect, but You want to have a child with a ‘girl’? Why is it not possible to write ‘woman’ instead of ‘girl’? Would it not make more sense? This is not to leave out the fact that among my friends, we call each other ‘girls’ — with some of the ‘girls’ being beyond 65. More and more though I come to the conclusion that attributing ourselves like that — ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ — might not be helpful. On an even deeper level, I once had a falling out with a (now ex-friend) from the Caribbean, when I ushered “oh, boy” in a situation that would allow for that use especially the ‘oh, boy’ was related not to him (as he took it) but to the situation we encountered.

The poem itself is beautiful and I would love to see it on a ‘grown-up’ level. A Love Ode from a Man to the Woman he loves.