Great words.
Alii Scott

Yes, I could not agree more. :-)

But in all earnest, it is the dialogue that is so important to me and in general. When we exchange our views, we create another, more expanded view that we so desperately need in our society. This whole “each on their own and against everybody else” has gotten us into these rough waters.

Therefor, even the smallest dialogue bears the potential for change and a widening consciousness. The funny thing though is, that I possess the wit and sharpness of George Carlin (when unleashed), but I do not possess the strength to take it onto a stage, or even to YT/Vimeo. “Stage Fright” doesn’t even cut it, despite having been behind the camera and quite active in TV and the movies back where I come from originally (Germoney;-).

May I find the strength to get over my Self and apply the same acid humor that is so sorely needed today.

Thank You for Your response. It means the world to me. :-)