Citizen Zuckerberg’s Blue Hawaii Turf War Demonstrates He May Be Ill-Suited to Continuously…
Daniel Reagan Diggins

Yes, it looks even worse when You are here in Hawai’i. For twenty years have I witnessed the systemic genocide on the Hawai’ian people, or as they call themselves, Kanaka Maole.

The first transformation of their lives began with their getting baptized. From there it was only a few steps to subdue the Hawai’ian people to the rich, white, male policies to annex these strategically most important islands. Most notably Oahu, of course.

When people are told in church, that there is nothing wrong with getting shafted by sugar barons — because You know, if the life of a Christian was good, it was misery, hardship and pain and the sugar barons could provide that in infinite ways.

Nowadays, people are getting romantic, when looking at the “Plantation Housing” for all slaves. In order to choke any attempt of the Hawai’ian people to fight back, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino folks were imported to Hawai’i to make sure that someone will do the nasty work of harvesting sugar cane and pineapples — the only wealth producing items at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. With no jobs for the Hawai’ian people, they were quickly where they needed to be: primitive savages living in filthy huts, doing nothing all day — in the eyes of the good, rich, white Christians and their minions the Nation over.

Hawai’ians were forbidden to speak their own language — as a Christian You need to speak English — the language was almost extinct at the beginning of the 21st century, when a wave of new confidence among the Hawai’ian People swept the islands. You were able to learn to speak Hawai’ian. You were for the first time able to learn to speak Hawai’ian as a Hawai’ian.

Small fights to bring to a halt the destruction of the written Hawai’ian language by removing all its accents — accents that have a meaning and were not implanted by some idiot white bureaucrat whose idiot descendants needed to remove them all from all street signs and other public signage.

The abuse and exploitation of the Hawai’ian People never stopped. Being personally in a situation that has only become possible due to the widespread and systemic real estate fraud that started in 2005, I can attest to the criminal behavior of all involved ‘parties’. From people who don’t own the land that they are selling for an exorbitant amount of money that is unbeknownst to the buyers — they don’t even know where the land, or real estate they just bought is located. Large numbers of people were sold expensive land — in the active lava flow. Only access by helicopter, or in a seven hour hike through fresh lava. Yes, I did that too, but for other reasons, of course.

When the two most despicable people on earth — after You know who — went on the air at the best broadcasting time, proclaiming that “everybody that is not immediately buying real estate in Hawai’i must be really stupid” a wave of scams and schemes reached the Central Pacific Paradise, or what was left of it at the time.

These two pathetic losers are responsible for the sudden transformation of the housing “market” into nothing, but a financial instrument. No longer did it matter that Human Beings needed an affordable home to be secure in and so forth. People lost their homes and found themselves living in an artificially jacked up house — watching with dismay how all costs of living followed the example of the housing “market”.

Life got more expensive that ever before. Wages are stagnant in the ‘Democratic’ paradise. The numbers for homeless people was never higher and it may well be, that is is easier to figure out how many people are not homeless.

None of that matters of course in the ‘Democratic’ paradise. If You can’t make it on $ 1200 dollars, then it’s Your problem. Why don’t You get a higher paying job? Just keep looking, right? You are doing something wrong, if You can’t get ahead of the bills. Try not to eat anymore.

The folks I inherited my house from, agreed in 2005 to pay $ 600,000 for a place that was worth 135K at its best time. Dealing with the criminals behind this scam, it became clear, that there is no redress for the systemic housing fraud that was hoisted on Hawai’i by, yes, Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey.

No matter where You go to find help in fending off foreclosure of Your home that was sold to the person You loved beyond words at four times its value. That she and her late husband bought the house — so I am told — was their problem, not the problem of the scammers.

Even with proof for wrongdoing — I have all the pertaining documents — there is nothing that can be done for Justice to crush this infamous scheme. The appraiser falsified the original appraisal, omitting important information, listing features the house did not have. The realtor had an interest for the highest possible sales price — her commission is a percentage thereof. The county and state had no problems with artificially jacked up prices — after all the property tax is assessed from the value of the property. The values of properties were rising for no other reason than having been artificially increased. Not because there were improvements made to the property. An acre with a shitty shack, that You could have bought for $10K in 2004 was $ 50K in 2005. A house that was (truly) worth $ 100K in 2004, was pushed for $ 250K in 2005.

Here is a statistic of the housing ‘market’ on Oahu (taken from

What Zuckerberg is attempting to do, is the continuation of land theft — paid with schemed money — treating Kanaka Maole exactly how they were treated by the filthy rich, white Plutocrats also known as Sugar Barons. Strangely though, since nobility was rejected in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States, there are still LAND-LORDS, SUGAR BARONS and YOUR HONORs, without a fraction of anything remotely resembling honor.

This unholy alliance has done the greatest harm and damage to Kanaka Maole and to all those they shipped in, to take ‘jobs’ away from the Hawai’ian people. Since the Christians are a deeply confused group of people unwilling to face the bitter truth, they prod along with a murderous business as usual model — IN SPITE of their alleged savior telling them, that


Strangely coincidentally, it appears those people do not believe neither in that notion, nor any other one that serves the Common Wealth. It is always and irrevocably the self-interest and greed that runs these sad excuses for what could otherwise be beautiful minds.