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Yes. Millions of Dollars are wasted for Highway beautification, drone surveillance access (removal of all trees obstructing views from the top) and lane expansion in Hawai’i. No money goes into studying the effects the rapid rising ocean levels have on Hawai’i shores.

It could be corruption, or plain idiocy, or both. The fact though remains the same: those who will be affected the most are neither informed, nor receive assistance to prepare. The priciest properties are in the path of destruction.

The filthy rich that own the ocean front mansions will move away. Folks that have lived all their live at the shore and their families for generations will be left to drown.

A large area of a now increasing population due to the fact, that these subdivisions are in the active lava flow area, are below sea level. The water is retained by a cliff that is eroding fast due to increased shore break. The ‘optimists’ among the depression dwellers allege that ‘Tutu Pele’ (the Lava Goddess) will simply raise the depression above the ocean level. The area in question is Kalapana/Kaimu and Kapoho respectively.

It remains to be seen whom the legislative will blame for this criminal negligence. Hawai’i has only been governed by Democrats since statehood was proclaimed.

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