Still, there are specific historical proofs that every religion, including Buddhism, can be used as an effective framework for supporting violence:
Still, there are specific historical proofs that every religion, including Buddhism, can be used as…

Yes, that notion is absolutely correct.


Based on the findings of the Buddha, that the way out of perpetuated suffering and pain lies withing the reduction, or even better so — the withdrawal from everything that adds new suffering to a World that is already submerged in hurt, sadness and unhappiness by default —leading to the abstinence from every needless harm and hurt.

There is no escape from the truth, that a behavior that inflicts trauma and pain will only add suffering to suffering, thus increasing and perpetuating the eternal cycle of suffering and pain.

Therefore, I do not consider anybody that inflicts harm and hurt on others as a Buddhist, but a hypocrite. Because Buddhism does not provide for the interpretation of violence based on the teachings of Buddha. They explain them, they never allege them ‘to be okay’, or acceptable. That is the reason, why practitioners of the teachings scan the grounds they are walking on for life. Heinrich Harrer once said that he was wondering why it would take so long to build a cinema for a village in Tibet where he had stayed.

He found out, that the Buddhist monks that were building the cinema (or the structure that would house it), needed to make sure, that no life is harmed in the course of doing it. No worm could be in the sand for the mortar. No bugs could be killed for even the most noble of endeavors. These Buddhists would be incapable of violence — even in the face of leaving them no alternative, as was the case when the Chines marched into Tibet, to reclaim ‘their’ property. The pictures about the clubbing and killing of Buddhist monks is still available.

The biggest difference between the major religions and Buddhism lies within their structure and content. All major religions not only provide for reasons for violence, they are inciting it and justifying it. Most notably Islam and Christianity. The first by calling for the clubbing and death of ‘non-believers’, the latter for the justifications for revenge and also for the vengeance against savages, irredeemable sinners.

People will always twist matters to make them fit into their own misunderstanding of what life is about. The Burmese Buddhists hunting down and clubbing the Muslim minority are not Buddhists at all. They can’t be — in spite of their proclaiming such. Thailand — a place that has Buddhism as a state ‘religion’ sees no problem to execute people for drug trafficking. But one can twist, bend and mutilate the teachings of the Buddha — they never provided for, or even accepted the application of violence for whatever reason.

It is indeed those who do not understand what it means not to harm and not to hurt. That is the essence of it.

After 40 years of having clung to the standard volume on Buddhism by “Georg Grimm” — “Die Lehre des Buddho” (in German) (English introduction here), there is no room to wiggle oneself out of what Buddha told those surrounding him. Georg Grimm has thus been the only one that based this amazing book on the ‘Pāli-Kanon’ — the oldest scriptures about the teachings of the Buddha. The untwisted truth about what the Buddha was talking about. Extremely challenging to read for the Western Mind, but equally rewarding and truly liberating.

It is unknown to me if there is a translation into English, but I have my doubts about that, due to the complexity of the book. It is in my opinion the greatest gift and favor a Human Being could give, or make oneself.

Needless to say that I pondered to translate it from a point in time, when my English language skills reached my native language’s level. But it is a huge book with 574 pages. Although it is very high on my bucket list and I might do it, provided that I survive my present circumstances.

I am very grateful for Your response.