So today’s feature-wish is for the ability to exclude writers from my feed without blocking them.
following a publication… except for stories by certain writers
Tamyka Bell

Yes, yes and yes. This is really important to me, too. In my case it is two other writers that, like You said, I hold no antipathy against per se. But what really annoys me that my feed is plastered with their stories that receive FOR NO APPARENT REASON hundreds of hearts.

Nothing they write is new. Nothing they write is original. Nothing they write shows ways out of the problems they describe. But they describe the problems in minute detail.

The reason I remain here lies with a number of the finest contributors I have come across in the last thirty years combined. The poems of Mike Essig and the eloquence of John Hopkins give me the strength I need to cope with the assault on my intellect that populates my feed.

Therefore, yes please, let’s be able to effectively not only “Show fewer posts of…” (which does not work at all — the opposite is true), but to decide “Don’t show me posts of this writer again”.

Thank You for pointing out the quite painful truth.

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