because corporate censorship can be used to silence anti-establishment voices with far less pushback.
While Everyone Frets About State Censorship, Corporate Censorship Tightens The Noose
Caitlin Johnstone

You could say zero pushback, when the ‘far less’ kind pushback is part of organized dissent. Because when each individual deals with Goliath, not everybody can live up to be a David. Corporations have contracts with individual beings mostly.

But corporate censorship has a history already. It is called ‘Arbitration’.

With more and more public assets, utilities and services privatized, even a group of people will be simply a number of individuals that can be separated from each other and dealt with.

“Free Speech” is “Free Speech” and that should be the end of it. Hitler was possible, because the banning of ‘free speech’ was among the first acts the Hitler regime enacted.

Hopefully (I am aware that I might delude myself), people will start to accept that words are never the problem. Speeches are never the problem. Their subsequent actions are. And as such, the whole thing is already covered by a law that prohibits to shout “Fire” in a fully occupied theater and such.

When free speech turns into an invitation of violence, it is still only words. But the violence must be dealt with before it can come to fruition.

People like these folks are either staged entirely, or are simply not the brightest bulbs around. For any intelligent person has already figured out where the real solution are and they have nothing to to with “OTHERS”, but exclusively with “SELF”.

So, yes, one could say that we are getting Ukraine’d right now. The method is clear. Why wouldn’t work in the US what worked so well in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and is working sort of well in Venezuela? The American Summer? Or the American Fall?

Thank You.

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