I have observed that Data faithfully adheres to Asimov’s laws of robotics:

You nailed it! Isaac Asimov has a place in my heart and mind that few others ever reached. Although, the very close company of Stanislav Lem, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Adams and Frank Herbert are never farther away than the next thought.

Also one of my most favorite authors is Phillip K. Dick. His work “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” still reverberates in my mind after all these years.

In my opinion, “Data” is really the best amalgamation of all these works. His complexity and acquired humor in later episodes is simply fantastic. One may have different opinions about Star Trek, but alone the birth of Data is such a highlight, that is warrants to call this installment the most intelligent one of them all. To write the dialogues for Data and to express them as Brent Spiner did must have been stellar entertainment.

I always found the segment of Dave pulling out the computing modules of HAL and thus disabling him, the most amazing display of what might come our way.

Have a most wonderful day!

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