Tech Portrait Project — Call For Subjects

Helena Price
2 min readJan 5, 2016


Hi friends,

For the first three months of 2016 I am doing a portrait project focused on sharing stories of tech employees in Silicon Valley.

For this project I will focus on subjects who tend to be underrepresented in the greater tech narrative. I want to hear from women, people of color, folks over 50, LGBT, working parents, disabled, etc.

I want to hear from folks with stories to tell. I want to know your triumphs and accomplishments as well as struggles and hardships. I want to know how you made it to Silicon Valley and joined tech in the first place. I want to know how hard it was for you to get here and why you stay. I want to know what you are proudest of and the setbacks you fear you’ll never overcome.

For this project I have two main goals: I want to show the outside world a more comprehensive picture of people who work in tech. I also want to bring a bit of attention to folks in the industry whose stories have never been heard, considered or celebrated.

As someone who has worked in tech since 2009, first as a startup employee and now as a photographer, this project is very close to my heart and I look forward to exchanging personal stories with all of you.

Portraits and interviews will take place over a series of studio days in San Francisco. You don’t need to be based in the bay area to take part in this project, but you will need to be able to make your way to SF for the shoots in March.

***ALSO!*** If you want to share your story but wish to remain anonymous, and are willing to let me photograph you in a way that conceals your identity, I would love to have you.


  1. If you fit this description, please consider being in this project! I know being photographed is scary but I will make you look nice, I promise. Just apply using this form.
  2. Please nominate someone you know — or really as many people as you’d like — to be in this project. Simply forward this to them and if they’re interested, please have them apply using this form.

I’ll send more details from there.

Please apply by January 20th — we’ll select our first 100 subjects by the end of the month.

Please share this far and wide to your friends and colleagues — the more people this reaches outside of my network, the better the project will be.

Thanks so much!




Helena Price