Helena, if we could mend the world with all our energy!

Shell-I, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

If I read your comment correctly, I believe it belongs under the running list of excuses I had mentioned above. Helping others, listening to family, listening to yourself, and doing SOMETHING, precisely when it’s difficult, precisely when you don’t have any “energy” to dispense — well, that’s what this article is all about.

Simply saying that it’s a tradeoff just indicates that for you, this is not a priority — and that’s okay because that’s your choice. You place more value and energy in other things — like perhaps going to Starbucks every morning, paying the barista $5 to make your mediocre coffee, waiting in line patiently while they get it wrong once, twice, three times…and then when you see the homeless man begging in front of the Starbucks, you decide you don’t have energy for him. And that’s your prerogative.

But thankfully that’s not how everyone thinks and behaves.