Rose and Rosie

My Favorite Queer* Lady YouTubers

I recently had a Twitter conversation with a friend about my favorite wlw youtube channels. Here is a list of those, in no particular order. Enjoy.

Rose and Rosie

Wait! Don’t close the window! I know this is almost cliche at this point. But Rose and Rosie are the first wlw couple I remember finding on YouTube, and therefore they hold a special place in my heart. I first subscribed to Rose a few years ago, and my love for them has only grown. Now, they have three channels: Rose Ellen Dix, their vlog channel TheRoxetera, and Let’s Play Games, which features them playing new video games. (At least I think they’re new? I don’t care about video games. I don’t know.)

Here’s one of my favorite videos of theirs from their main channel.

Steph and Kristen

I only recently started watching Steph and Kristen’s videos, but I am quickly falling in love with them. The two are most known for competing and winning season 4 of the Canadian version of the Amazing Race. (That’s f*cking awesome.) They do tag videos, some challenges, and Q&As, but they mostly upload vlogs of their international travels. As someone who has a seemingly insatiable wanderlust and who is also super gay, this channel is great for me. Also, they’re lovely and Canadian.

Here’s one of their Q&As featuring Christmas cookies. So needless to say, it’s a favorite of mine.

Angelis and Nina

This is another channel I only recently subscribed to. Angelis is Brazilian and Nina is British, and their videos are travel and lifestyle vlogs as well as some that are just generally LGBT-related. They talk a lot about being queer in Brazil, meeting each other’s families, and lotsa other stuff. They are an older couple (comparatively, at least) with Nina aged 38, and that’s a nice break from the 20-somethings that YouTube is usually populated with.

Here’s them talking about their recent experience of Nina meeting Angelis’ parents.

Living Rosa

I am a religious subscriber of these two. The channel belongs to Tara and Mandi Rosa and was created to document their fertility journey a few years ago. They now have a 17 month old and are pregnant with twins due in August. As their daughter Lennon will tell you, she has “two moms, two dogs, two babies”!

See them telling their family that they’re pregnant with twins below:

Domo and Crissy

These two are just full of joy. To contrast with Angelis and Nina, Domo and Crissy are on the younger side and are in their early 20s. (Crissy literally is 20.) They have their main channel, Domo and Crissy, and a vlog channel aptly titled Domo and Crissy Vlogs. They are recent California transplants and are documenting their relationship and journey through motherhood.

Here is a main channel video of them introducing their son, Domonic:


Whitney and Megan (or “Wegan”) conquered long distance between UK and Hawaii, are now in a civil partnership, and are soon-to-be married later this year. I found them through Rose and Rosie and Kaelyn and Lucy’s DIVA cover photoshoot. (RIP to ROSWEGLYN.) They are a self-described femme couple and founded the dating website called Find Femmes that is available to use in several countries. They do travel vlogs, challenges, tags, and lifestyle videos.

Here’s their wedding announcement:

Cammie Scott

I know this list has featured couples mostly, but she’s just one person. She came onto my radar when she was Cammie of Shannon and Cammie. Now she and Shannon have parted ways, but I still subscribe to her. She’s definitely aesthetic and make up goals for me. Her channel features health and wellness videos, beauty tips, and travel vlogs. She makes me want to live my best life. Watch her videos and tell me you don’t also want to go to Malibu and sunbathe with fancy sunglasses on and a glass of prosecco in your hand.

Check out her vlog of exploring London with Rose and Rosie! (Or, as the thumbnail suggests, “Roise”):

Lucy Sutcliffe

Like Cammie, I came to know her through the channel she used to have with her ex-girlfriend. She now runs her own channel, and it’s lovely. She went to film school in the UK, and you can tell — some of her videos are properly filmed and edited and shy away from the vlog style. She wrote a book last year called Girl Hearts Girl about growing up and becoming confident in and comfortable with herself. I highly recommend it.

Here is her talking about her UK book-tour:

Dodie Clark

My girlfriend says that she looks like she came right out of a Wes Anderson movie. I don’t disagree. She wears flower crowns and knows how to do a proper cat eye and can play the ukulele. I’m obsessed. She has three channels, because she’s badass. Her main channel, doddleoddle features her original songs and covers. doddlevloggle, her vlog channel, features, well, vlogs. It also has some songs on there, too. Then, because she’s super talented, she has a VEVO that currently has two music videos for singles from her EP, Intertwined.

To stay within the theme of this list, here is a video of her answering “bi questions”:

Ash Hardell

I LOVE ASH’S CHANNEL. It is entirely LGBT-centric and features discussions on gender, sexual orientation, and more! She’s so well-versed in the ins and outs of queer-dom that she wrote a book about it!

This channel has a lot of videos that go much more in-depth into LGBT issues, but I’m including this one because I think the ID of heteroflexibility is very interesting. It was an ID that I balked at previously, but this video has helped me to expand my thinking. This video prompted a discussion between me and my girlfriend, and I am really intrigued by it. I really value Ash’s channel and her dedication to education of and for the queer community. Also, I love Hannah Witton. (More on that later.)

Just Between Us

In case you’ve been living under a heteronormative rock, Just Between Us is the comedy channel run by Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn! This comedy partnership is platonic — Allison is straight, much to bisexual Gaby Dunn’s chagrin — but it still deserves a spot on this list!

JBU is half sketch, half talking head Q&A videos. This channel isn’t as Gay(TM) as others, but it definitely has its share of queer, wlw content. I take such joy in watching two women run their own comedy empire, especially when one of those women is openly bisexual and sex-positive (and the other is so open about her mental health difficulties!). Also, because women are f*cking bosses, they just wrote a book together! Gaby is also the host of Bad With Money, a podcast about being, you guessed it, bad with money.

Here is one of their most recent sketches, “Groundhog Date”:

Hannah Witton

Okay, she’s not technically queer. She sometimes identifies as heteroflexible (see the Ash Hardell video above). But she is such a great LGBTQ ally and is so open and sex positive that in my head, her channel is grouped with the rest of these. Not to give straight people medals for acknowledging their basic privilege, but she has a video calling out heteronormativity! I think that’s pretty cool. Her channel focuses on sex and relationships, and it has been so informative and enjoyable. She actually majored in history in college (or “uni”) and wrote her dissertation on the history of sexology and sex manuals. So needless to say, she knows what she’s talking about.

Her videos help me to be more comfortable with myself, my sexuality, and just being a human person. Also, she wrote a book and co-runs Banging Book Club, a book club that features exclusively sex-related books.

Here is an installment of her series The Hormone Diaries, documenting her experience coming off of the pill for the first time in 7 years.

Hannah Hart

Last but not least, the queen of lesbian youtube, Hannah Hart. I don’t think I even need to say anything about her. If you don’t know who she is, skip the entirety of this list and start here. She is so funny, so relatable, so sincere. She is probably best known for her “My Drunk Kitchen” series. She also has written not one, but TWO books! Her most recent is called Buffering and is a collection of stories and experiences from her life. It is beautifully written and is as lighthearted as it is heavy. Read it! Her first is My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut, a cookbook based on the MDK series.

Here’s one of my favorite MDKs:

And that is it for this list for now! Picking one video from each channel was hard, so I suggest watching all of them. I hope this is helpful in providing some lady queer content for your heart, soul, and mind. Whether you need some examples of gay ladies doin’ it for themselves as you go through your own journey or just want some more youtube videos to procrastinate with, here you go.

If you have any favorites that aren’t on here, let me know! I’m always looking for more wlw content.

Peace, love, and rainbows. Or something like that.

*”Queer” in this piece is an umbrella term. Not all of the women featured here fall under one sexual orientation or identification. It is not meant to mislabel, mis-identify, or offend anyone.