Stop Staring At Your Feet

When I was younger, I took figure skating. I love the activity. I love the outfits, the cold, gliding around the ice and the grace. I, unfortunately, started skating too late, so I didn’t amount to much on the ice.

Later in life, when I was in university I could get totally absorbed in something, frustrated or defeated. My dad would remind me, “Make sure you’re not staring at your feet.” Meaning, watch where you’re going, don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t make things bigger than they are, be conscious of your perspective on the world and don’t miss the big picture. If you’re skating, you better be watching where you’re going. Your head has to be level, and you have to be balanced. It’s easy to get caught up staring at your feet, but you have to step back and look at where you’re going, or you might land on your face.

This reminder to step back from a problem at hand and look at the big picture has been an incredibly helpful tool in all things. I’m not a master, but I do strive to keep a level perspective on things. Now and then the scale might tip too much in one direction, and I remind myself to “stop staring at my feet.”