Why caffeine, why coffee & why TrueStart?

35% of people drink coffee before exercise to improve their performance. It’s part of a huge trend towards natural, low sugar alternatives to traditional energy drinks.

That’s great! But normal coffee just isn’t good enough as the caffeine is completely unpredictable. At the right level, caffeine increases endurance and improves mental focus so you can go harder for longer.

At TrueStart we’ve developed the world’s only coffee designed specifically for sports performance. It’s clean, free from synthetics and crucially; delivers the optimal level of caffeine every time.

We use ethically sourced Colombian Arabica which is why we recommend it black; no sugar and no nonsense. It also works with cold water in a protein shake for faster muscle recovery.

My husband Simon and I co-founded TrueStart with a mission to become the world’s most motivational, high impact and trusted coffee brand. We want every one of the 15 million runners, cyclists, triathletes and gym fanatics in the UK drinking TrueStart before every work out. And that’s just the start.

We’ve just launched into the US and Ireland and our killer team includes 40 loyal brand ambassadors plus the former MD for Douwe Egberts. Get in touch with me, helena@truestartcoffee.com if you’re a sports distributor or retailer and want to stock TrueStart.

Your customers are our priority and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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