Conquering Mt. Negative

Negative — Just the word alone is negative in its right. Even the symbol (-) refers to negative rather than the symbol for positive (+) referring to forward.

Think about that for a second, if we are constantly negative or are surrounded by negative people, we are heading to achieve less of everything we want in life. Turn it around and think positively and surround ourselves with positive people we will get closer to our achievements to move forward. You will soon find that negativity will be forced out of your mind without even thinking about it.

Sure it won’t come easy, and everyone’s achievements are a personal one. It’s all a matter of taking a moment (or for me weeks, ok months even) figuring out what it is in life that needs to change.

What or how you do this isn’t as hard as you think, set a plan of attack, be honest with yourself, your needs, and your expectations and achieve it. My biggest beef in life is when people say, “I don’t know why I’m not happy”… Really??? These people are clearly not true to themselves. These emotions don’t just come out from nowhere.

So how am I moving forward rather than backwards, or for the better word, how am I being more positive than negative? Firstly, to be more thankful for all lessons learnt from the things that made it negative to begin with, the mistakes, the heartaches, the failures, the guilt, the relationships, career choices and priorities (or lack of)…these are all things that were hand made by ‘yours truly’, no one had their hand in it, and they should not be succumbed to having to deal with it. It’s up to me to figure out how I’m going to change it, fix it and move forward!!!

So what is the next step for me? To find myself, the independent, free spirited happy woman I used to be, get her back and rid the one that I have not been too fond of. I will summarize my life as a whole and figure out what it is I want back into my life. I will be noting down questions like; what should I do about work, how did I gain weight again (yes 7 kilos thank you very much), how did I become so needy or less carefree than I used to be, do I need a hobby, do I go back to training in Martial Arts, should I take up other types of classes, what should I do with my hair (My hair is my happy place)..hee hee!! No matter how important or insignificant the questions, the only way that these can be tackled is by knowing what you want. Sure talk about it to the people you love, they’ll support you in anything your heart desires as long as it’s what YOU want. After all, if you’re not liking the person you are or have become, chances are your family, friends, colleagues and the like won’t either. Negativity spreads.

Your first step to climbing Mt Negative begins with you, no one else but YOU. Once you have decided ‘enough is enough’ and take steps to change things, it is then that you can find happiness and contentment. You will find the things you disliked in your life or the person you have become due to negativity, become a thing of the past and you can eventually close that chapter and finally move forward, because the way I see it, Mt Negative should be behind us and conquering the world be forward.

The picture sits perfect with what I’m trying to say, there is a mountain to climb, and it might take some time to conquer it, but if you can see that bright sun peeping over the top, you are well on your way to bigger and better things.