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Have you ever heard about Server Sent Events (SSE)? I first tried it when I was assigned to work on a project which required files processing in Tokopedia. After looking at the few first pages on Google to learn more about SSE, I realize that it’s the most suitable way to cater to Tokopedia users’ needs.

This article explains how to implement SSE using JavaScript in the Front-End. To have a fully working SSE, you will need to setup the Back-End that can be read in this article.

Case Overview

In the project that I work on, users need to upload an Excel File containing the list of products that they want to upload in bulk. As the Excel File size might be large and the internet speed of each user may vary, we would like to make the experience of uploading big files as pleasant as possible. Therefore, we have decided to create a realtime progress bar to let the users know the number of products uploaded in the system. We are using SSE as a unidirectional way via HTTP to communicate from Server to Client, to get streams of data updates without hitting endpoints repeatedly in the progress bar. …

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Birthday surprise for Alex, our Product Manager :)

After officially getting a Computer Science degree in Binus University, I asked myself, what would I do next? Which company should I apply? Will I be a good fit to them? Am I capable to be a Software Engineer? Will it be a lot difference between “real life” and campus life?

Then, life brought me to work in Tokopedia. And it’s the best working environment that I could ask for. …

Helena Natanael

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