A Brief Outline on Ultrasonic Testing

A non-destructive method of determining the internal structure or thickness of a test piece using sound waves of high frequency is known as Ultrasonic Testing or UT. It is used for the following:

  • Detection of flaws
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Material characterization

It is performed on steel and in other metals as well. The testing is done on wood, concrete, albeit and composites with less resolution. The other popular name of UT is ultrasonic non-destructive testing. It can only be performed by an expert who will detect the flaw and will interpret the result properly. Thus, if you want any metal items to get tested, get in touch with a leading provider of high speed ultrasonic non-destructive testing.


Testing and that too non-destructive is indeed unimaginable, but it is Ultrasonic Inspection which is completely non-destructive and makes use of sound waves of high frequency to do the examination and for taking measurements. The test piece will not be exposed to the damaging chemicals. The person who does the test will not be exposed to any health hazards as no chemical is involved in conducting the test. The result of UT is high reliable and repeatable.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Inspection

There are several benefits of Ultrasonic Inspection. The benefits are as follows:

· Penetration depth for flaw detection is of superior quality when compared to other non-destructive method.

· Provides complete information about the location and the flaw size.

· Minimum set-up is required

· Highly reliable result

· Other than detection of flaw, this method can be used for other purpose.

But it is of prime importance that when you want your product to get examined using UT method, it must be done by the experts who have long years of experience in conducting UT.

Used in various industries

In the recent times, people want to make sure that the product they are using is completely safe and does not pose any threat to the health. To determine, whether the product you are using is safe, Ultrasonic Testing is the best method. Now, UT is used in various industries for detecting any flaws without damaging the testing piece. It is now used in automobile industry, in transportation sector, in determining any flaw in the medical devices, in pharmaceutical industry as well as in examining the consumer products.

Do an Extensive Survey

There are innumerable leading providers of ultrasonic non-destructive testing each claiming the best in the market, but you need to do a comprehensive survey to find the best provider that has experienced team of professionals and does the testing with precision and known for giving reliable result. So, wait no more and begin your search for the best service provider for accurate result.