Who Are Them And Their Role In Music World

A Kenyan Voice is a product of desire to create difference in the music of Kenyan musicians. As a result, the originator of Kenyan music will find out how little they know about music. It led to the desire to get idea about who are the Kenyan musicians and where are they. It also defines about their songs and history. If you have idea about internet especially about Twitter, you can expose their musicians to even other Kenyans. From YouTube, you can take content about them. They have been involved with TSU through which you can come to know about Kenyan voice in clear manner. One can collect links to videos of current Kenyan musicians. If you are more interested on their music, you can keep on posting about them in Twitter at your free time. A Knew Twitter was created for them especially. Through which you can post about them at any time. There are various causes to support them and promote them and there are various links to promote them.

Advantages Of Online Presence:

The links create online presence for them. These increase chances of their presence at many places. If you want listen their music, you can even buy them through the platforms designed for them. More number of Kenyans is exposed to Kenyan musicians and their music. The Twitter has received more number of posts about them and it work out well. More number of musicians who had no You Tube videos appeared on the scene. They are always supposed to ask about their way of involving into Kenyan musicians and ways to promote Kenyan musicians. This is the basic reason behind music distribution website. When you go through this website, you will see music in audio with links which could be posted on the Twitter handle and other platforms thereby accommodating all musicians who has recorded their music particularly new one without requiring any assistance of distribution outlets.

With this site, one can achieve,

· Creation of familiarity to Kenyan musicians and their best music in front of larger audience

· As you directly contact them, you can enjoy their minimum price.

· This site acts as distribution platform to Kenyan music which allows easy access to many Kenyans

· You can encourage Kenyans to exercise honesty and buy authorized music in addition to unauthorized channels.

· This is a site through which you can help them to get stable income as this is a way to push Kenyan music to more number of Kenyans.


As all above targets have been achieved, the results can be expected to present as,

· They will reduce exploitation of musicians by various players in the market

· They create awareness to Kenyans to love only real Kenyan music and to spend money especially for Kenyan music.

· Real musicians will earn super income and other will learn about Kenyan music and market needs

They will create number of jobs.