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Every time a terrorism attack hits the news, I do what I can to help, in whatever small way. I think most of us do. It’s human to feel that itch of goodness in the wake of something awful (and that’s one of the best things about us).

But at some point, information dies down and everyone returns to their lives, because we have to. …

I am a proud queer woman who has been in a steady, serious relationship with another woman for the past year. I also believe in God, and I don’t think these two cancel each other out, nor do they remove validity from each other.

A little bit about me and my journey in faith — I was raised in a very loving Methodist church. My pastors never delivered fire and brimstone speeches, and the congregation never grew super impassioned about anything. …

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This past spring, during a semester abroad in Perugia, Italy, I taught English at a local high school. They were curious about the election, and I spoke candidly with them about it.

Last night, I sat down and wrote my former students a letter.

I’ve been thinking a lot today and yesterday about the image of America in the rest of the world, especially since we just elected Donald Trump to be our president. …

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