Tis the season of aches and pains!

Has the party season begun already for you?

Are you already feeling a little jaded from a few nights out?

Well we can try to remedy that by doing a few easy going pilates moves to stretch and release tension and re-energise that tired body.

First of all breathing — take a time out to relax and focus on yourself whilst you breathe. If you are feeling a little sleepy anyway, just shut your eyes and focus on how you take the breathe in and let it out. Try breathing through the nose, then through the mouth, then through nose and mouth and see how it feels. Deep breathing helps release toxins which is certainly something you might want to do over the next month. Breathing more deeply also helps to relax the body, reducing tension and hopefully helping you sleep more easily and deeply.

Why not try some of these gentle warm up pilates moves click here. Just laying down and moving gently will destress your body. Focus on what you are feeling as you move. Where there is tightness try and relax into the movement — make the move smaller if you find yourself hitting tension.

Make sure you are eating well during this time. Plenty of green leafy veg and keep the sugar down as you will no doubt be getting quite a lot of sugar from alcohol!

Don’t just lay down all day the day the night out, unless it is really physically impossible for you to get up — try and go for a walk, get a little fresh air and lift your spirits and wake that body back up.

I hope you are going to some great parties. Have a great time but be kind to yourself, don’t over do it!

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