5 Essential Office Stationery Supplies

Ever since the development and introduction of technology into the office working environment, superiors and businesses have practically called from their corporate rooftops to adopt their ‘paperless office’ credentials. The reality is, yes for sure, rather different.

Anyone who works in an office understands that it’s impossible to function without some kind of daily communication without notepads, diaries and Post-Its. And even though your favorite Microsoft Office, Word and Outlook can perform a variety of functions at the touch of a button, there’s one thing they only can’t do — and that replaces those basic office supplies that have been the basis, indeed the life force, of the office world for decades.


Let’s start with the most basic and essential one out the way first. Paper, of course, comes in a countless of forms and not just those clumpy packs of A4 that nestle snugly beside the printer. Flip charts for a monthly meeting, scraps of paper and invoices for clients who haven’t paid their bills — These are also counted in papers. Having the right paper product for the right task is de refer to ensure you work to maximum capability.

Diaries and Planners

You might think that diaries are an obsolete form of planning those days, months and weeks ahead, but they’re a physical, strong and dependable way of staying prepared. Importantly, a diary won’t crash on you, need to be re-booted or suffer a log-in error. There is no doubt that, you’ve got your smartphone, laptop and PC diaries, but it’s always good to have a diary, a paper copy. Even you can see there are a lot of online websites that are offering Diaries and planners at discounted rates such as if you are familiar with Quill coupon codes or Office Depot promo codes you can easily get discount on your product.

The Notepad

An addition of the above-mentioned paper products is the notepad, the paper-based helper of the office world that’s almost taken for granted. Perfect for notes for conferences and meetings, accumulating to-do lists, noting down customer orders, or, if you are a journalist, writing shorthand to note down over-the-phone quotes, the notepad is often the anonymous hero of the modern office.


Those little plastic sticks of colorful inky tips. It’s impossible not to have pens in the office. You can complete your office without pens. Even people always have their own pen in their pockets. They know that they have to use it somewhere for some reason. It is the very essential thing that can’t be overlooked when talking about essentials office stationary supplies.

Files and Folders

If you talk about the importance of Files & Folders so I must say that there’s no better way to keep your paperwork organized and protected than by covering it in one of the many files and folders available. Be it a moving file for your ring binder, cabinet, or single plastic wallets, they’re an excellent way of securing your paperwork to prevent them from getting damaged.