A to Z Story (B)

When Brenna was around six years old, her family made an important decision to move to Beijing, China, because Brenna’s father, who had worked in a leading company of hand tool corporation, had been promoted and needed to work overseas. Her father’s invention included the auto bolt cutter and other useful auto-repair hand tools.

This kind of special mix-cultural background makes this young lady being differentiate with other foreign girls. She likes to read and collect different bookmarks from different cities. She not only knows how to play piano and bass drum, but also erhu fiddle and Chinese flute. This is not the talent she possesses only! She can compose the songs within the elements of these eastern and western instruments. She images her mix-culture composition as a classic English lady wearing a traditional Chinese cheongsam. “ While this lady is walking, she uses the exquisite fan to half cover her face , which has been carefully worn on rosy blush powder,” describes by Brenna.

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