Thoughts: the death of Sunrise Calendar… 😞
Francesco D'Alessio

In February of this year Sunrise wrote this on their blog in a post titled ‘It’s just the beginning”:-

Sunrise will remain free and available for iPhone, iPad, Mac,Android and Desktop — we’re not going anywhere.

In the past I have not trusted an app developer when this has been stated but I was lulled into a false sense of security because for eight months Sunrise continued to be not only supported but improved beyond measure. This was one of the few tools I recommended as a must-have. I particularly was hooked on the other app integrations especially Evernote reminders. The meet feature truly was the fastest way to schedule a one on one meeting too. This feature came AFTER the acquisition and gave me good feelings that like they promised, Sunrise was not going away.

I was wrong. I am probably the most disappointed I have ever been with Microsoft’s announcement and this behaviour only makes it harder for productivity educators like Francesco and myself to do our jobs.

I’m certain wunderlist will also disappear as well and if Microsoft thinks this will persuade the millions of Mac/iOS users to flock to Outlook they need to think again.

Really considering sticking to the basics and not bothering with anything new and shiny. Over time if an app does manage to survive amongst an overcrowded marketplace in the end it is sure to be swallowed and digested by a big player.

What a fool I was to believe that instead of it being ‘just the beginning’ that it was in reality the beginning of the end.

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