The Powerful Effect Of A Sunrise On My Personal Productivity

Inspired by Brendon Burchard’s wonderful Motivation Manifesto I’ve been experimenting with climbing out of my warm bed on these cool mornings and seeking views like the one taken above. If you don’t know Brendon’s work he comes across as a younger more earnest Anthony Robbins but if you delve deeper I feel you will be pleasantly surprised. I was searching for a book to help me with my feeling of being stuck and the Motivation Manifesto popped into my life. Brendon offers nine declarations to help us regain personal power. The first is:-

“We shall meet life with full presence and power.”

I am not sure if it was this that drew me to seeking the sunrise so early in the morning but he does say :-

“So much of our lives goes unnoticed. We miss the sunrises and sunsets.”

— page 75, The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

When I read this I realised that I had rarely seen the beauty of the such a spectacle. Well I am now almost addicted to venturing out to see what colours will splash across the sky and I currently need to leave the house with my reluctant dog at 5.45am. As if I needed more proof that changing my morning behaviour might change my life I came across The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. He suggests a SAVERS routine — silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading and scribing (writing). Strangely enough I already had most of those items on my list for what I wanted to get done before sitting at precisely 8am. The challenge is to not get distracted and keep an eye on the time.

What I’ve learned over the last month is that getting up early is something that even a previously diagnosed night owl can do. It works better if I have all my walking gear on a chair near the heater ready the night before (because I don’t really want to make my partner super grumpy by turning on lights looking for that stuff). I have also learned that it is possible to get to bed earlier by planning (otherwise I’d be incredibly grumpy myself).


  • 5.25 wake with gentle silent Fitbit alarm
  • 5.30 get up, get dressed, have a glass of water
  • 5.45 walk to beach with dog — sit for five minutes watching the sunrise
  • 6.30 exercise (bounce on trampoline — cardio)
  • 6.45 shower/dress
  • 7:00 breakfast — usually poached egg in home made bone broth
  • 7:15 read (inspiring non fiction — I read fiction at night before bed)
  • 7.30 write — trying out Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages using the Livescribe 3 pen and Moleskine Notebook. (my handwritten scrawl is then available as a PDF document in Evernote)
  • 7.45 plan day — sticky notes/whiteboard/Evernote/
  • 8.00 start work — 90 minutes on a project with Freedom turned on to prevent distractions

I would like to improve this by adding in a 20 minute meditation and having slightly longer sessions for breakfast/reading and writing. Clearly there is room for some fine-tuning considering that I need to adjust the time according to the sunrise. It is a work in progress but I have to admit that I do feel more in command of the mother ship by practising Brendon Burchard’s second declaration of personal power:-

“We shall reclaim our agenda.”

I suspect my productivity is improving because of my increased proactivity. Taking charge of the day by seizing it does make a difference and I am already noticing not so subtle changes in personal effectiveness. If you are interested in learning more please visit the links below to learn how others are making the change.


My Morning Routine — an independent online magazine that brings you a brand new, inspiring morning routine every Wednesday to help set you up for a more productive and enjoyable day.
Why Creating a Morning Routine Will Make You More Successful — a recent blog article echoing my experience
Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey — read 161 daily rituals of inspired/inspiring minds
Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages — a hand-written brain dump — some swear it’s better than meditation!
The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod — I just read the kindle book but of course the morning ‘movement’ comes with a lot of additional support material
The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard — don’t be put off by the intro video… I love this stuff and the book is actually very poetic. Not your usual self development book I promise. I own the hard copy, kindle version and audio version.
More of my sunrise photos on Instagram

Originally published at on August 19, 2015.