Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

Great post! You’ve captured a key element of what went wrong. That plus the collusion of the main sources of non-internet media (cable news, network news, and NPR) with the elitist establishment view of the world. So how did I, a Ph.D. from Stanford living the SF Bay Area, working in high tech with a good incomer, and a lifelong liberal to boot … how did *I* get it so right?

If I may be so bold … I simply looked around me and saw some really obvious things:

  • My company filling up with H1-Bs and outsourced engineering while equally-qualified citizens are not being hired. Firsthand observation here.
  • Sexism amongst male transplants from other cultures (both in the trades and in high tech). Leering, off-color jokes, and discrimination that make one feel like we’re going back to the 1950s.
  • My daughter’s male schoolmates (now in their mid-20s) wasting away without access to jobs or hope. Google the “failure to launch” phenomenon.
  • The dependence of we, the privileged, on cheap illegal labor for cheap restaurant food, cheap gardening, cheap house cleaning, cheap childcare. Cheap cheap cheap. All while these workers live in sub-human conditions precisely *because* they are illegal.
  • The $20 trillion debt (it doesn’t take an Economist to see that’s not good).
  • Terrorist acts here at home and a liberal establishment that suppresses law enforcement in the name of political correctness. It’s prove the FBI were instructed not to follow up on certain suspicious individuals because they were Muslims.
  • A biased mainstream media. Lying by omission (only carrying stories that fit a liberal narrative) and by commission (trashing Hillary in 2008 primary while promoting Obama).
  • Reading wikileaks which proved collussion between media and the DNC, and showed the machiavellian workings of a corrupt candidate and party.
  • I’ve traveled and I’ve lived in “flyover country”. I know those people and how good-hearted they are. They believe in their Christian faith and 9 times out of 10 they act according to those high principles. They are not racists (Twice they elected Barack Obama).
  • I have a deep respect for people who actually do things; make things, build things, transport things. We on the coasts are the lucky one who can support ourselves thinking and writing and banging on keyboards, but the majority of the country DOES things. They have been dissed and insulted and denigrated and scoffed at and had their jobs taken away by an elect class of comedians, journalists, and politicians.