The pivot

Where does one find peace?

Carp swimming in a pond at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. Part of the peace that Jackelyn finds in this beautiful place is connected to the fish. Photo by Helen Delgado

For Jackelyn, a 20-year-old woman from San Francisco, peace was found in the Japanese Tea garden in Golden Gate Park, where golden carp glide through the waters and do their magic of taking her back to her childhood.

Jackelyn, who asked that her last name not be used, grew up in Michigan for a few years, then eventually moved to Georgia. At first, like most, her childhood was calm, with a supportive mother and a father who taught her how to fish.

Jackelyn, 20-year-old college student. Photo by Helen Delgado.

Nevertheless, eventually “issues” began to emerge in her family, she said. This was when she began to realize that she could learn from mistakes, not just hers, but also other’s. Jackelyn began to “take in the importance of life.”

Japanese Tea Garden

This is when she found her pivot point. Jackelyn found the peace that she needed in the fish in the Japanese Tea Garden. The gentle carp, glimmering in the clear water, have helped her through times of darkness and are a reminder of her childhood. She frequently returns to the garden and interacts with the fish that calm her soul.

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