Find My Bike: a UX Case Study

Hélène O'Brien
Jan 5, 2018 · 6 min read

An app to track your two-wheeler at all times.

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Methods: concept map, story board, user interviews, ideation and sketching, user flow, user journey, paper prototyping, usability testing.

Tools: Omnigraffle, Marvel, pen and paper.


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Hugo, my user

I’m delighted to share one of my first prototype apps.

I created this low-fidelity prototype for Hugo, my project partner at General Assembly (UXDI’s training programme). I was tasked with solving one of Hugo’s ‘problems’ by developing a solution tailored for him, in just three days!

Without any further delay, let’s go !


Hugo is a busy dad living in London, he enjoys time with family and friends, outdoor sports and riding his scooter.

He now commutes by tube since the theft of his two-wheeler.

Hugo would love to ride but is concerned that his scooter would be stolen again.

In order for him to be comfortable riding, Hugo would need to know where the scooter is at all times and be in a position to start a speedy recovery process if necessary.

Through a series of interviews, iterations, and prototypes I developed a concept called Find My Bike, designed to help Hugo track his scooter live and start the recovery process asap.


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How to always keep track of your bike?


Concept Map

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My conversation with Hugo

By sitting down with Hugo, I got to know him better: where he is from, what he likes and dislikes, his lifestyle and habits.

User Interview

After our first catch up, I crafted a series of questions (sample below) to find out more about Hugo’s goals, paint points and needs.

What are you trying to achieve by knowing where your scooter is?

How do you currently keep track of your scooter? And why?

Where typically are you when trying to keep track of your scooter? And when?


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Illustrating Hugo’s situation, problem, solution and outcome

Hugo’s situation was clear, he was under no circumstances prepared to get another scooter if it was going to be stolen again!


Hugo’s main goals:

  • Have peace of mind in knowing where his scooter is
  • Speed up recovery process by providing scooter location to the police
  • Avoid bad surprises

Problem Statement

Hugo needs a way to track his scooter live because it has been previously stolen numerous times.

Initial Sketches

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Sketches v1

After defining Hugo’s problem, I started sketching what the solution would look like.

To make sure I was addressing Hugo’s needs, I presented my very initial sketches to him. I talked him through my ideas and vision for the product.

After discussion and validation, I further developed my sketches and incorporated Hugo’s feedback. Note that you can see most of the iterations marked in red throughout the different versions of my sketches.

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Sketches v2 with iterations marked in red

Let’s now see how these sketches flow together.

User Journey

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The true value of an app is the experience provided to users in real life. With this in mind, I started with analysing Hugo’s daily routine and journey.

User Flow

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The user flow in screens. (Read from left to right and top to bottom).

To ensure high usability, my app user flow has direct correlation with the user’s journey.

Paper Prototype

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Paper prototype and modular elements.

After defining the user flow for my product, I created the paper prototype in order to test the experience I was crafting for my target audience.

User Testing

To conduct the user testing, I gave users different scenarios and tasks to complete:

1. You have parked your scooter about an hour ago. You are now at work. Please access the app and try to locate your scooter.

2. It is 3pm. While at work, you glance at your phone and see a notification from Find My Bike. Please access the app and start the recovery process.

This allowed me to observe their behaviours while using the prototype and also identify areas that needed to be improved.

User Feedback

“I would prefer not to log my parking spot

“Can the location of my bike be shared directly with the police?”

“On the last screen, I am not sure whether I am done or not?”

…And More Iterations

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User feedback allowed me to reconsider some aspects of my design and ensure smooth usability.

Final Sketches

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Sketches v3

After receiving user feedback, I decided to make some changes to my design. This resulted in the final sketches above.

Digital Prototyping

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After developing the final sketches, I uploaded them into ‘Marvelapp’ to create a more interactive experience for the user and validate the design functionality.


While listening to Hugo, I thought I could still do more for him by incorporating:

  • Advice on where best to park (integrating red and green colour shadows on map screen to highlight safe and unsafe zones)
  • A community platform to share your story in your area and get tips from neighbourhood watch groups
  • An instant feed from the police so users know what happens next
  • Warning notifications & feed automatically synced with digital watches so they can’t be missed
  • A way to deactivate the engine remotely and eventually stop thieves right away


Please click on the following link to launch the prototype:


“Find My Bike gives me peace of mind because I know where my bike is at all times. If it is moved I find out right away and can recover it much more quickly. No more nasty surprises! Bike theft is such a problem in London. I should know — I’ve had three stolen! Find My Bike gives me peace of mind because I know where my bike is at all times. If it is moved I find out right away and can recover it much more quickly.”


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For more information, please visit:

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Me in action. From left to right: interviewing, user testing.

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