Thoughts on my year in media, including 600 new albums, 63 books, and 67 new movies.
Rick Webb

I feel refreshed! Let me explain…
I am a “list” person. I jot down TO DO lists (of course), DONE lists, READING lists, MUSIC lists, FRIENDS-TO-INVITE lists, an ever-evolving BUCKET list (which is not labelled as such), an EXERCISES list - which is more of a wish list, and an IDEAS list, which is simply random randomness. I keep my lists in a number of purse-size journals; for some reason, I alternate journals, and I have no idea why… but I do.

I share this bit of info, simply to give a bit of context when I say that this article, which is my first read on Medium, educated me, entertained me, enthralled me, but mostly, gave me a brand new perspective on lists!


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