In Disbelief.

Helene Heid
Aug 30 · 1 min read

Love at first sight, it is bizarre, how confidently you can claim to love me,

a stranger.

Does my character reveal itself through the hollowness of my pupils,
the tug, the indentation of my smile lines?

Whatever persona I decided to become before you today
has emerged “me”, to you.

A singular piece of paper in an ongoing novel,
with more pages than the collected hours of my life,
taken out of context, abstracted to summarize: an apparent whole, the perceived “essence” —
more akin to a poorly committed forgery.

Love from romanticized ideals,
and fictional dreams,
A potential romantic interest,
Was I cast in gold?
It’s air.

How captivated one can be by a flicker…

The face you claim to know is not mine,
it is a reflection of your own.


©2019 Helene Heid.

Helene Heid

Written by

Student — artist — traveller. Writing poetry and varied prose.

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