In those pairings, one party is being asked to sit down with someone who denies their humanity and basic rights.
That Heineken Ad Isn’t Sweet; It’s Dangerous
Mirah Curzer

If in these pairings the one who denies another’s humanity and basic rights realises that their own viewpoints have been skewed and misguided and is therefore humbled by the encounter then something very beautiful has occurred. The man paired with the transgender woman said he has always seen things as black and white and his encounter with her showed him that he was plain wrong. He had to extend himself (and his way of thinking) to really meet her. The way I see it is the transgender woman had the upper hand in this. All she had to do is simply be herself. He on the other hand had to face his prejudices/fears/anxieties. The key is they saw each other as human first (minus their beliefs) and this seems to be the only way we can attempt to meet people who have opposing views. Listening – hearing the other – is key to this.

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