Yep, every startup is different and every executive team will have their own quirks, habits, and unique ways of working with each other. And yes, some of these are messy. But they work, so deal with it.
Welcome to the Executive Team. It’s Messy Here.
John Vars

Great article and great insights into how you create a great executive team culture. I am just curious why you wrote this article as if all the golden advise only apply there.

In my experience, if you want the whole startup/company/organisation to be at its best I think this goes for all teams, on all levels because it will support the company-wide culture creation.

It’s not only the executives who need feedback, constructive conflict, empathy, team trust, commitment and confidence — I believe every employee will benefit from the awareness and clarity that brings.

In creating and facilitating great team work I always look to find the balance between talking about “how will we work together” and “what are we working on” when working towards the goal/deadline.

Any thoughts?

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