Medium Calls The Start Up Culture Category Beers & Ping Pong

Thoughts from a Process & Culture Facilitator

Today I was reading in my medium app as usual and I browsed though the categories suggested by Medium and I was both surprised and at the same time not to find “Getting to the root of startup culture” under Beers & Ping Pong.


My thoughts on that:

I believe there is a common misunderstanding of what organisational culture is. Associating is with beers and ping pong tables doesn’t help clarifying that. (Startup) Culture is about collective beliefs, values and the actions the founders, co-founders, CEO’s and all other team members take in the every day work to pursue the startup mission.

I feel calling the category “beers and ping pong” is somehow misleading the conversations we should be having about startup culture. Unless this starts the conversation that beers and ping pong are not startup culture.

Thomas Reibke told me that Culture is not post-its, ping pong tables and company away-days. I agree and I would like to add that it isn’t the free snacks, the benefits and the free shuttles either. But with “getting to the root of startup culture “— I hope that’s what is meant.

Thoughts Anyone?