Harness The Power Of The Dead Sea

A unique environment, skin care treatments made with the help of extracts from the Dead Sea can offer unrivaled benefits in healing and exfoliating the skin.

For centuries, the Dead Sea has been a topic of fascination and study among scholars, artists, and even tourists. Situated in the Mediterranean Basin between the Middle Eastern countries of Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is one of the most singularly unique locations on Earth. Due to its extremely low elevation (the Dead Sea is, in fact, further below sea level than anywhere else not currently submerged underwater), the Dead Sea has become the depository of a huge amount of mineral runoff from the surrounding features such as the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River.

This has caused an astounding buildup of salt in the waters of the Dead Sea — such to the extent that many locals in the region instead know the body of water as “The Salt Sea”. Whereas most of the world’s oceans have a salt content hovering around 3%, the Dead Sea exhibits a staggeringly unmatched 32% salinity. The high presence of salt in the waters of the Dead Sea lend it many of its most distinguishing characteristics — such as the extreme buoyancy observed by beachgoers or the total lack of marine life as observed by biologists.

However, the unique nature of the water in the Dead Sea has other attributes as well. For generations, people have recognized that the water and mud of the sea have unique properties. Even more than two centuries ago, the infamous Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra was rumored to retain her ageless beauty through regular bathing in the Dead Sea. These attributed effects of the Dead Sea are more than superstition: the buildup of mineral deposits in the Dead Sea mean that there are far higher levels of elements such as potassium, magnesium, and bromide. With careful treatment and application, these materials have become essential components in skin products and serums created from substances drawn out of the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea skin care products are steadily growing in popularity among users of serums and facial treatments looking for solutions that are both natural and effective. Products made from the Dead Sea have been observed to produce tangible, long-lasting results when applied to the face and body as part of a professionally-developed skin product. In recent years, Dead Sea skin care products have evolved from an exotic niche to a common brand name that can be found in department stores and beauty parlors all across the world.

Individuals looking to buy Dead Sea skin care products of their own will find a variety of distributors to take advantage of. Cosmetics and skin care treatments developed by businesses commonly based in Israel boast a wide range of products made from the contents of the Dead Sea. Since many treatments and serums are optimized for a particular type of skin care, customers are well-served by researching their condition and needs in advance. By accumulating and comparing different options, customers can be confident about their choice to buy a Dead Sea skin care product.

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