Germany Can Protect the Liberal Order Article — Considerations


We shall see in due time if all these positions of M. Trump concerning Europe and NATO are the new policy of the USA or if they are only a position from which M. Trump shall begin to negociate. Anybody who has negotiated knows that to have a strong hand, you have to begin with asking a lot more than what you hope to achieve. What does M. Trump want ? maybe only a stronger European participation than today’s. In this, he his in the central line of American policy since the beginning of NATO. How to achieve this ? by giving a cold feeling at a moment when Russia is unfriendly towards Europe.

What are the relations Russia / Trump ? here, M. Trump uses maybe another negotiation tactic : show friendship in order to weaken Putin’s hand. You are my friend, let’s do business together …Putin could be wrong footed.

Let’s see and let the ministers panic : it makes their blood circulate a bit faster and induces them to think and act (not a bad idea). But you, dear reader, unless you are a minister, keep cool, take your morning coffee warm and enjoy your evening diner with some good wine.

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