Ukraine Prepares for Trump Article— Considerations


I do not think that all this policy is workable. Let’s analyse :

Crimea : this situation could only be reversed if M. Putin leaves the government and that the new government is very weak. With other words : no chance to change the situation today but maybe tomorrow.

Eastern Ukraine : one must be not aware of the situation to ask that Ukraine should recover this part of it’s land : does someone really think that the Ukrainian government shall be welcomed if there was an agreement stipulating that these lands are returned to Ukraine. To many dead, to many suffering : it seems unrealistic. But why not leave these two so called republics have a full life : stop the fighting, leave these republics on their own, give to the ailing Russian economy the role to feed them and let the door open for any agreement that they would like to have. Russia would loose the leverage that they hoped to have on Ukraine through the Russian speaking minority. Ukraine would loose the provinces but recover calm and, maybe, begin to think on cleaning up the country from the very bad administration. And these small republics, fearing a to close relation with Russia who might want to abandon their existing industry, shall slowly turn back to Kiev for aid.

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