v30 rules

Disclaimer: inspired from Brad Feld v51

I need specific rules to accomplish things in life and move forward.

My v30 rules are:

  • Focus 100%: when I’m with someone, focus 100% on the physical person, with no digital exceptions allowed
  • Digital Sabbath: I’ll buy an alarm clock and stop using my phone in evenings and mornings
  • Experiences focus: I need to feel alive, and to do such, need to go through more experiences. Swimming in the Serpentine is fun, racing is fun, training for a half ironman is fun, but I now need to go deep into spiritual experiences: start with a silent 3 days retreat to go in exile on the Baïkal lake with books
  • Always jump: never be happy with my situation and say yes to all opportunities arising. Find a way to combine exciting propositions with work [missed the opportunity of being the main character in a movie because of work, would have been fun]
  • Meet people who impress me: those include, but not limited to, @Kilian Jornet for his physical performances, @christine Lagarde who’s been a role model for many years
  • Finish: Finish the book we’ve started 3 years ago that is still in review mode
  • Make mode: Stop consuming data, and start producing: write a book.