Mack Beggs, a teen girl, who decided she would prefer to be a boy, is currently on testosterone and is a wrestler. She has won multiple wrestling matches in Texas against….guess what….girls.

So let me clarify this: This young girl, who for a year has been transitioning to a boy, has won every wrestling match at her high school, and now will compete for the state championship.

A lawsuit has been filed by one of her unhappy parents, who believes the child should be allowed to wrestle with the boys. Due to Texas laws or might I say “outdated laws” according to Fight for Equality on Facebook, the state will not allow a girl to wrestle with the boys.

I honestly never believed I would live in a time where this was an issue. But since I am, here is my opinion:

First off, children deciding they want to change gender is a problem. Either a lack of proper raising or a emotional problem more difficult to handle. Either way, these kids are not of legal age to even decide these things.

The fact that this girl is now a “boy” and wrestling against girls really upsets me. I actually agree with the parent.

Let me state: I personally believe “transgendering” shows a deeper mental problem than just wanting to be a male or female.

With that said, the fact that this girl is now taking testosterone injections and still allowed to fight girls, just seems unfair.

I personally think the girl should be allowed to fight the boys. Solely for the purpose of finding out she is not a boy.

I do not mean I want her hurt or to be put in the hospital or anything, so do not jump to that. I was beat up many times by my boy siblings, which always reminded me of my femininity.

I believe she needs to learn, no matter what, she is a girl. Therefore, lacking the strength and the physical fortitude of a man.

But, here is another story coming from a similar perspective.

It is about the excuse for a man, Fallon Fox. An ex-marine man who transgendered to a woman and wrestles woman. might I add….beats them into submission….do not believe me? YouTube the videos.

This man is unfairly partnered against woman who have no chance in defeating him, much like these young teen girls fighting this transgender boy. This is not fair to woman.

Fallon Fox has the build and strength of a man still in him no matter what he does, and submitting woman to his beatings purely for “political correctness” makes me ill.

In my mind, he is a coward and can not fight real men. He has no right to go up against real woman when he still has the bone mass and body weight of a man.

These two stories are different, yet the same. You are putting the strength of men against woman, and it is not fair.

Fallon Fox is a man, and Mack Beggs is a girl.

In conclusion: for once I can say I actually agree with the political left, and say, allow this girl to fight the boys, and see how it turns out. Hopefully she will realize she “ain’t one of ‘em”. It will give the Texas teen girls the fair fight they deserve and Mack the opportunity to prove whether she actually IS a BOY now.

I do not dislike trans people, I feel sorrow for their difficult situation. They are dealing with major mental difficulties. Thankfully there are places like that help people like this. I only hope that this young girl realizes she is a gift and that she was meant to be a female.