Arrived in Rishikesh just in time to experience the Aarti on the Ganges; very special, colourful, moving and very beautiful. Eventful journey! Great flight to Delhi but missed connecting flight only to experience something reminiscent of Monty Python. Having run at great speed through Delhi airport ( though persuade an unassuming Indian boy to give me a lift on a cart at one point) we were greeted with ‘ sorry m’aam’ but we have just closed the doors ‘ it was then that the comedy began; after beating no directed to at least 4 different desks and about 20 0fficials we finally got a boarding pass for the next flight only to have to go through the trauma of security all over again! Indian bureaucracy at its best; the mantra seems to be move it on to the next bureaucrat at the earliest opportunity! Thanks to Jerry and Anna for accompanying me on our sprint through the airport🏃. My next journey was somewhat more comfortable from the back od a taxi through the wooded hillsides of the foothills of the Himalayas to the ashram-hairpin bends, scrambled trees clinging to the hillside, a hazy sunset and tumbling streams heading downhill towards the mighty Ganga. Now safely ensconced in my room in Parmiter with Sorila ( my room mate from Kazakhstan) and geckos for company. The shower beckons and the open roof in the bathroom should provide a welcome rain shower when the skies open. Off to find the canteen for supper now and looking forward to starting my yoga course tomorrow. 🙏