The homeward run

Leaving Dharamshala I felt ready to return home as despite having an amazing time and experienced so much eight weeks was beginning to feel a long time and I was miss g my family and friends However, arrival in Jaipur lifted my spirits. Jaipur airport signified a town of wealth and prosperity and it was apparent that Jaipur was definitely that. The wealth was built upon being a centre for textiles and handicrafts and the hub of the gem industry where gems from all over the world come to be cut and polished. The Maharajahs of this region were an interesting bunch, many of whom had the largest clothes made for them that I had ever seen. They were also responsible for building the stunning Amber a Fort, cleverly positioned at the top of a hill and overlooking a lake. Apparently it was not uncommon for the Maharajahs to fight amongst themselves so a defensive fort was a great help in keeping their power. The city of Jaipur itself, resplendent in pink, housed many traders and was painted pink for the visit of Edward Seventh in the nineteenth century. A visit to the world’s largest observatory saw sundials of numerous shapes and sizes, including twelve that were built to position the astronomical signs in their relation to the sun. They were stunning sundials and beautiful pieces of architecture.