What an appalling piece of journalism.

Its not journalism — its an opinion. Its not presuming to know the hearts and minds of pro-lifers, its providing a view of the fall out of taking away the option of abortion. Of course this will not happen to all children who are not aborted but the point that is made here is that the underlying issues that lead women to needing an abortion are the issues that should be addressed.

When pro-lifers organise marches that demand free contraception, free family planning and free comprehensive sex education for all then I will believe its about saving lives and not just a need to control other people based on their own belief.

Humans pretend they have this great respect and sanctity for life in one breath but then demand gun ownership as a legal right and refuse help to refugees with the next. On the whole humans demonstrate quite clearly they collectively don’t give a monkeys about life or revere it at all and the few that do are denigrated as do-gooders.