Things to Watch Out For When Experiencing a Dental Abscess

Luca Ellery
Oct 5, 2017 · 2 min read

When it comes to a dental abscess, people will experience a sudden, intense, and throbbing pain. This pain usually occurs at the root of the tooth. If you experience anything like this, it is best to consult an Austin Dentist immediately.


People may also experience burning gums, a bad taste in their mouth, bad breath, increased mobility of the tooth, and the evacuation of pus due to dental or gum decay, If the infection is spread, the patient may see some swelling, discomfort when trying to open their mouth, a fever, along with fatigue and chills.

It may happen that the walls of an abscess will rupture, causing a discharge of greenish and nauseous pus. After draining the abscess, any pain the patient experienced before will disappear. This is the reason why an abscess like this is considered an emergency, which means it is necessary to consult an Austin Dentist as quickly as possible.

A dental abscess, when latent or dormant, does not cause painful symptoms and can only be detected with a radiograph.


In rare cases, the infection can migrate to other organs (especially the heart) and cause bacterial endocarditis, a potentially severe complication, or to various joints or the sinuses. In exceptional cases, this may result in septicemia. Schedule an appointment with a Dental Office in Austin to learn more.

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To drain pus from an abscess, the dentist will have to open its walls. To do this, he or she will perform a simple incision at the lower level of the abscess. That allows the dentist to drain the pus if the body has not done so spontaneously already. The procedure is supplemented with antibiotics, endodontic cleaning (inside the dental canal) and, finally, by filling the cavity with a sealing paste and adding a crown.

Extraction of the tooth and treatment of periodontitis is sometimes considered.


Good oral hygiene and routine visits to the dentist are essential for the prevention of a tooth abscess. Dental abscesses can be avoided provided the patient practices good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth three times a day using an effective brush.

Regular dental checkups with a Dentist in Cedar Park is also important. Decrease or stop tobacco consumption, which favors periodontal issues. An overly sweet diet promotes the formation of bacteria, and for good reason, as the bacteria in your mouth feed mainly on sugars.

They break them down into acids and, little by little, the enamel is attacked until cavities form. And, lastly, monitor your diet. Overly acidic drinks and foods promote enamel demineralization.

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