Why Women Will Continue To Be Mistreated At Work

Women are mistreated at work every day. It’s horrible, disgusting, and it needs to stop.

But guess what? There’s an even bigger problem.

When women report discrimination, we automatically dismiss them. We shut them down and nothing is solved.

We need to change this.

Let me explain.

This is what it looks like when a woman is dismissed.

Upload VR, one of the most influential companies in the virtual reality industry, is currently being sued for sexual harassment and gender discrimination (read the full document here).

“The atmosphere and work environment at UploadVR was marked by rampant sexual behavior and focus, creating an unbearable environment for Plaintiff and other female employees.

“Defendants purposefully and expressly created a ‘boy’s club environment at work, focused on sex and degrading women, including female employees.”

What’s scary is that people are defending Upload VR, and their founders Will and Taylor, without even considering that the claims could be true.


and another example:

This is incredibly dangerous. Let me explain.

Why It Is Dangerous to Immediately Dismiss Claims of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

When someone shares with the world that they are being discriminated against, we often dismiss them. We ignore them. We blame them. We don’t listen to them at all.

We say “they’re only doing this for the money” or “this hasn’t happened to me so it can’t be true.

That is insane.

If our default response is to dismiss their claims, it means that we are discouraging the rest of world from coming forward when they feel they are being wronged. This is why it is dangerous to dismiss it.

Imagine if the claims are in fact legitimate, imagine how the plaintiff would feel knowing that the world isn’t going to help her.

This is not ok. We need to be better.

The Solution

It is our responsibility to take the time to empathize, to understand the situation and put ourselves in their shoes. While we are entitled to our opinions, it is up to us to not immediately jump to conclusions based on our own experiences.

By dismissing women who speak up when they feel mistreated, we are ensuring that misconduct will continue to happen.

When someone is telling you they are being hurt, take a moment to listen to them.

If you agree with this, please click here to let me know.





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