What is ‘Hampshire Eat Well’ all about anyway?

Hi there, just a quick note to introduce myself and share with you what the ‘Hampshire Eat Well’ campaign is all about.

I am a busy Hampshire working mum of two lovely teenage girls and a mad schnoodle called Starsky. I love outdoor living and particularly enjoy the wonderful Hampshire countryside where I live. I am also passionate about healthy eating for my family, both organic and local whenever possible. Trying to make sure my girls eat healthily is certainly a challenge especially with their and my busy lifestyles. I think the importance of healthy eating is really overlooked for the teenage years, especially for girls whose bodies are undergoing significant changes and who can easily develop body issues.

I hope to engage you in my campaign about eating well by sharing healthy eating tips especially for families and easy and nutitious recipes focused on fruit and vegetables that are in season. There is so much happening in Hampshire in support of local food suppliers and a number of food festivals which I will profile. In addition, I plan on sharing family activities and events in and around Hampshire to encourage more participation and enjoyment of this wonderful county and stunning countryside.

You can vist my Twitter, Instagram of Facebook pages by clicking on the relevant icons. Please do visit, give me your comments and share among your friends.

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