#paintastory How I met and lost myself. Or Santorini episode

Street cafe by Sargy Mann

This is the first story of #paintastory series. Source of inspiration for each story is painting or photo. I don’t try to recreate painter’s idea, I just follow my fantasy. Sargy Mann seemed to me the best choice to start. He painted being blind. And I start my writing experiments not knowing where it will lead me.

22nd December, Fira.

Santorini is a perfect place both for couples in love and those whose heart needs to be repaired. It is noon. Sun is high and view is broke up in vivid color blocks. Seems like one somehow appears inside of fauvist’s painting.

Tween girls dressed in bright summer coats enter empty street café. Teens immediately cry out for a juice, although there are no servants outside. Dark female figure mounts the staircase and rises against blue sheet of sea and sky placed between blank stone of the walls. Her face his hidden in the shade of a brim of her dark felt hat. When she comes closer, there is still no one at the counter and girls are giggling not paying any attention at the strange-looking visitor dressed in black long winter coat. She seems to be in her thirties. Her light grey eyes look a bit tired and her blond hair is messed up, but it adds her some kind of special prettiness.

- Extremely nice weather, isn’t it? — asks man in black suit stepping in the shadow of the tent roof of cafe.

- Yeah! You are supposed to be newcomer. And its seems like you have ignored the forecast — answers woman

- As well as you, lady. I have to see someone, but since this person still isn’t here, won’t you mind joining me for coffee?

- Okay. I have to wait for my someone as well. So at least together we’ll attract less attention.


I’m Katherine. Katherine Smith after my husband, my ex husband to be precise.

You wonder what I’m doing in Fira bundled up like I was flying to a much chillier place, but messed the destination?

Well, 2 month ago I went here for the honeymoon. I mean we, my ex and I, were going to enjoy beauties of Santorini together. And I did. While he was enjoying beauties of his colleague. Actually, this double-dealing affair lasted for a year or so. Of what I was cowardly informed by a message. I’ve been standing in front of the registration desk at the airport. He went to take his ID, which he was supposed to leave in the car.

- Don’t forget your luggage receipt — someone’s toxic red lips interrupted my reading of the sob story about love, fidelity and temptations. Meanwhile my husband was driving back from the airport to his new fortune.

I had few drinks before the flight, then I had a few more aboard, then a glass during the ferry from Athens to Fira…

Next morning I found myself in the desert of the kingsize bed. I felt like under painkillers. No understanding of what has happened, no senses, no ideas what to do.

Sudden knock at the door interrupted my somnambulic state.

- Good morning Miss! I live two villas away from you. Yesterday you looked quite upset and you left your luggage outside the gate. I’ve carried it to your door… I came to make sure you are okay. — antique man’s sculpture in flash and blood carrying a bottle of orange juice shifted from one foot to the other in front of my door.

Should I tell next days we walked by the sea, went to the market, spent nights drinking vine at the terrace and did many other things? Didymos, thats his name, went to spend holidays at his aunt’s villa. In the evening he was helping out at her street caffe. The rest of the day we belonged to each other.

I felt like I never did before. I was beatiful, I was extraordinary, I was unique. And at the top of the excitement my vacation came to its end. Last night I spent by myself. He simply didn’t come.

I’ll fly back, move to another city, find new flat, new job and will enjoy my solitude. Or pretend I was enjoying.

Later he will write he is quite uncomfortable about farewells. We’ll chat on skype, send messages almost every day. Then on the eve of winter hollidays he’ll disappear again. I’ll spend sleepless week. One night tension will overreach the highest point for humans heart to stand. At 5 a m haven’t been sleeping a wink I’ll go out to take a walk and find myself in the airport byuing ticket to Athens.


- I never felt this way before — said Katherine and put empty cup aside.

- Actually, same thing lead me here. Frankly, I dont treat seriously romantic affairs which often happens in vacations. Once a boy with the body of a Greek god served me drinks here, at this cafe, I got feeling that vacation could get exciting flavor. I asked if he could show me around. I won’t dig into details of the story.

- When did in happen?

- This October.

- Let me guess what happened next? — Katherine buttoned her coat like it suddenly got very cold — You stayed connected, you talked every day, he told he saw you in his dreams, you planned to spend your next vacation together. Then suddenly he disappeared.

- How do you know? It was written in love story section of one of that women’s magazines?

- Sorry, talking to you I completely forgot about time and now I have to hurry up. — She rised, grabbed her hat from the chair and made her way to the blue sheet of sky and see between blank stone of the walls.

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