What’s in my pencil case, January 16th, 2017

  • One beaten up zombie phone sticker made by antlam (still can’t figure out what to put it on)
  • One Pencil53 pen that I only recently refound
  • Two Staedtler triples fineliner pen (dry safe!)
  • Two Pigma FB Sakura brush pens, one too faded to read anymore
  • One red mechanical pencil
  • One hard plastic rubber chicken that someone (Rumya?) gave me at a conference as a joke
  • One Papermate Flair M felt pen
  • One Ace Hotel pencil (from Ace Hotel)
  • One Field Notes pencil (from Design Ranch?)
  • One broken blue Prismacolor Col-Erase colored pencil, which I thought I’d use to get into sketching and then did not
  • Two fancy clicky pens (name unknown) from Staples, which I purchased after my first internship when one of my bosses’ said it was his favorite because of how loud the clicks were (helpful for commandeering meetings). Two because one was recently found in the lining of my raincoat because it’d fallen through the hole in my left-hand coat pocket
  • One “So Pencil Wow” pencil, given to me by Kiera (I miss Kiera)
  • One “1 2 3… Draw OKPAPER.COM” pencil (definitely Design Ranch)
  • One Muji eraser
  • One tag for “Lizard Lounge”, which I thought was cool so I kept it (picked up at Ace Hotel, I think)
  • One “Graze Kitchenette” menu, which I kept because I liked the way it folded out (UX meetup in Chicago. I would like one of these foods right now)
  • One “Bridge & Burn” business card, also procured at Ace Hotel (I literally just grabbed all the things I thought had cool design ideas)
  • One pencil sharpener
  • One “Ace Hotel Portland: A Friendly Hotel, Continually New” postcard that was free from my room (last time I sent the postcard to my grandfather, told him I had had a lovely conversation with a stranger in a coffeeshop, and he called my mother in a panic upon receiving it because HIS GRANDDAUGHTER WAS TALKING TO STRANGERS DOES SHE NOT HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE????? I was already home, alive, by the time he received the postcard)
  • One “TINYGHOSTSTORIES.COM” square business card, which I think I got from a table at Small Press Expo in 2014 which I have used ever since to block off my hand from drawings while drawing
  • One “Lifeforce (1985)” postcard, also procured at Ace Hotel (I really did a number on that place)
  • One photo of me staring intently at my grandmother’s cat Oscar on her living room floor.

That is all. Please feel free to shower me with internet points, I do eventually end up bringing them to the recycling center for 10¢s/each.

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