The Threat to Science No One Talks About
Joe Brewer

I wrote about this in 2008…and yet things continue to go in the same horrible direction.

“…So, how to go about getting humanity through this without losing too much hard won knowledge and beauty? Without losing too many of the billions of human souls alive today? It is anguish to think about what lies ahead. Nevertheless, we need to document various projects — like the seed-storage process going on now in the Arctic, and the clusters of survivalist communities springing up everywhere; called ‘transition villages’.

How even to make plans so that humanity survives at all? Homo sapiens — the thinking species: we have a brain we still do not completely understand, and it seems to be an organ exquisitely designed to be operated within a super-organic system we call ‘culture’. Do we understand enough about our own evolution to be able to distinguish the hardwiring from the operating program?…

…As professionals, we need to document the coming collapse of the middle class, of the military industrial complex, indeed of a global civilization. As human beings, we need to share with our fellow human beings everything we know about cultural survival and adaptation. Those of us who work in the universities should also try to take steps to secure vast libraries of books, films and music in a form that might survive a possible period of lawlessness and warfare. Digital storage may not be usable in the future. In addition, we might extend a hand to help our colleagues in economics develop a new theory of the economy that does not need perpetual growth…”