Medium Post #1 on Final Digital Project

For my digital media story I am choosing option 1 and the second choice under that option, because I am interested in what my Freshman year holds and I feel like having a story about it would be a good idea. I am excited to see what I achieve in my first year college experience and to learn from my struggles. The auto-ethnography option will also help me reflect on my entire life through both semesters whether it is related to school or any other part in my life. For my digital story, I would like to gather information by talking to other students in my class and talking to my friends as well and asking questions. I plan on adding pictures or maybe video of events that I go to, classes, buildings, and the entire University of Minnesota. For my auto-ethnography project some of my initial questions would be for example, “What are the major differences and similarities a Freshman CLA student has with a Freshman CSE student?” and “What is the comparison of an athlete at the U of M to a non-athlete?” and “How is my experience in Pioneer hall compared to other students in Pioneer or in other dorms?”

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