My Digital Story Outline

  • I plan to cover a number of topics for my final digital project. All of these topics will relate to my main idea for the project that is to focus on my transition from a small town such as Alexandria, MN to a large city like Minneapolis, MN. My first topic will be about some comparisons to my hometown of Alexandria to my new home at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Another topic will be about the stress as well as the excitement that comes with moving to a large city. My next topic will be about the traveling and routes that I take to each class and around campus compared to my short easy drives in Alexandria. I will also include a topic about the sports that I enjoy watching and other activities here at the U of M. My final topic will be about the bonds that I have made here at the U.
  • When it comes to quotes or interviews, I do not have too much to add besides a couple quotes that have helped me throughout the year. One is from one of the readings that we had earlier in the semester and the other is from a video that I was shown by a friend here at the U trying to motivate me whenever I thought homework was too difficult. Both of these quotes have helped me get through stressful times during college when I thought that it was too much to handle and when I just wanted to be back in my small town of Alexandria and not tackling on the challenge of college here in Minneapolis.

“Students with a growth mindset value effort; they realize that even geniuses have to work hard to develop their abilities and make their contributions.” — Carol Dweck

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” — Eric Thomas

  • Some data points that I have found include the population of the areas of Alexandria and the University of Minnesota. The population of Alexandria, MN is approximately 12,000 people. The population of Minneapolis, MN is approximately 400,000 people. The enrollment of my high school in Alexandria, Alexandria Area High School is approximately 1,200 students. I am one of the approximated 52,000 students who are enrolled here at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

  • The overall flow of my final digital story will consist of first pictures of my hometown and then pictures of Minneapolis, comparing the both for effect. Throughout the entire story I will mostly incorporate pictures of the University of Minnesota and all that include my experience here at the U. The pictures that I will show as my digital story progresses will follow the structure of my main topics that I listed above. I will narrate my own story and experience as my digital project plays and project my voice over the images. I will also add music that will add to my story and keep it flowing smoothly.
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