Thesis progress: Week 3

This week, I focused on the basic layout of the second level of my audio maze game. The first level I created was a grassy layout with high rise rock walls. This second level is a smaller area that will become a large house or hotel. This level will be a different experience as it will have stairs and at most three floors. If I have the time, I will add doors that you can open. However, I spent the most time working on the stairs, as that is the newest edition to my game at the moment.

Here is a snapshot of the design of the second level so far:

It looks a bit plain right now. The white walls will not stay white, but will likely be a brick texture. That staircase on the left was the more challenging part of the level creation process so far. I had to make sure each block of the stairs was aligned equally with every adjacent block. I also had to add an invisible collider in the shape of a ramp in order to get my character to the top.

One of the biggest challenges with game design in general for me is the coding and scripts required to make things happen behind the scenes. Often times there are errors in the scripts and they are certainly the most time consuming part of the game design process. The next hurdle for this game will be polishing up the character movement and adding realistic sounds.