UPDATE: As of early March 2018 — the IKEA SLADDA is no longer available on the online store. It sounds like there is a temporary production hold, will update if / when the bike returns!

UPDATE 2: As of May 24th, 2018 — the IKEA SLADDA has been formally recalled due to issues with the belt drive breaking. More Info

In 2017, I felt drained and didn’t have any real reason for it, beyond political news fatigue and lack of sleep.

I found myself starting projects, getting distracted, having aspirational dreams and then delaying them for one reason or another.

In the New Year I wanted to find “more time” for my life, for learning, for exploring.

It was time for a digital audit.

The Audit Process

I started tracking my digital life via the desktop app, Rescue Time. I found the app through a “How I Work” expose on Lifehacker.com. …

Mikey T. Krieger

Developer & Digital Project Manager┃Apple Developer Academy

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